Tuesday, 19 July 2011


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So the plate finally turned up! ( see #13 )
Everyone is lined up and ready. Don't you just love  a well
behaved still life. ;-)


Taryn Day said...

Beautiful painting. I love the way you handled the spoon, with the background drifting across. The tomato is lovely too.

Angie said...

Hi Helen, this is gorgeous. I love your soft tones. I put a link to your blog on mine so a thumbnail of your paintings comes up every day.

Helen Cooper said...

Thanks so much Taryn.

Angie thanks for your comments and the link on your blog, I put you on mine a few days ago :-)))

Renee Brennan said...

nice Helen!!! and the plate arrived!

Helen Cooper said...

YES Renee the plate finally arrived ! ;-))) he he