Monday, 26 September 2011



I recently bought three different elephants at the market. Each
one has its trunk in the air which is actually supposed to be lucky.
Does this mean three lots of luck ???


Virginia Floyd said...

Didn't know that about elephants! I started to say he brought you luck on this painting, but actually I think it's skill. The values in the little elephant are spot on. And the apple is gorgeous. Love the shadows and reflections on it.

Helen Cooper said...

Thank you for your comments Virginia !
Yes, trunks 'UP' are ssupposed to be lucky :-)

Alice Andreini said...

Such a sweet painting. I love the color harmony and the way that you were able to catch the smoothness and sheen of the surfaces.

Helen Cooper said...

Thank you Alice !

Nora MacPhail said...

Beautiful! I love the little elephant. Nicely done, I know how difficult it is to paint simple subjects!
Happy Painting,