Thursday, 15 September 2011



Yes I am still painting limes... Unfortunately my photos are
coming up rather 'grainy'. Dropping my camera may not have
been such a good idea.   :-(


Alice Andreini said...

I love your daisy paintings makes me want to do the same. This painting is lovely as well. i especially appreciate the way that you simplify. That is still very difficult for me....i guess that it is all in the squinting.

Also relate to your comment with the figurine study. All that time that can get sucked up in a particular area of the painting. in fact I was there today painting and repainting the same area over and over.

Helen Cooper said...

Thank you for your comments Alice !

I cetainly hope that you do get into some daisy paintings, they are very well behaved flowers to paint... they don't move all over the place like some flowers do!

Angie said...

This is gorgeous!. I love it. ready for mojhitos

Helen Cooper said...

Thanks Angie ! :-)

Taryn Day said...

Really beautiful, Helen. I like the unusual subject and the lovely, simplified and beautifully subdued way you've painted it.

Helen Cooper said...

Thank you for your comments Taryn!