Monday, 5 December 2011


This morning as I was setting up these Christmas balls for a still
life I stood back to have a look and started laughing...... amongst all
the reflections all I could see was a funny face with a big red nose!
I couldn't resist painting it as it was. Of course with that big red
nose it just had to be 'Rudolph".
Arrh ...there is one slight has occured to me that I may
be the only one who can see it ! :-o


Angela said...

Oh no! I see it to. I am laughing out loud. As soon as I quit laughing and had a closer look I see the ezpertise of this painting. The balls are so great and fragile looking. Such a wonderful painting. Lovin it.

Helen Cooper said...

Thank you Angela. I'm so glad you had a good laugh AND that you were able to see the funny face! :-)))

Renee Brennan said...

You clever lady you!! Love it!

Helen Cooper said...

Thanks so much Renee !!!