Friday, 9 March 2012


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I hovered around the apples in the supermarket today to find
the best looking apples for painting. I'm sure the staff must think
I'm a very fussy shopper. Maybe I should wear a sign on my back
saying...... 'Artist at Work' or 'Don't worry, I'm an Artist'   ;-D


Azra said...

Lol!! I'm the same,it takes me ages to pick the right props.Even at home while I'm cooking I'm arranging things on plates.
This is beautiful Helen!Love the colour contrast between the shiny apple and the background and the reflection of the glass bowl!

Ann said...

Helen, that made me laugh out loud! It's even worse when you're a portrait artist out on the stake for new models!!! I definitely need a sign for that activity too!

This composition is so lovely and simple. Makes me want to reach out and pick up that beautiful apple that you so carefully selected :)

Nora MacPhail said...

Magnificent glass bowl Helen. I love the light from it on the table top.
I see you sold all of your tennis players! Awesome. They are so cool.

Angela said...

Love that red.