Thursday, 22 March 2012


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I thought I had missed the flowers of the Summer
Gum but I came across some while I was out
looking for a plein air subject. Unfortunately I
didn't find anything I liked on site, so instead, I
went back to the studio to paint............ Eh Voila!


Arena Shawn said...

I really love the rhythmic composition of this one formed by the dancing lines of the gum leaves and the soft shadow of it. The red flowers, although muted, are clearly drawing my eyes across the canvas toward it. Yet it's not so loud that my eyes are forced to stay there. It's a very atmospheric, fluid piece. So beautiful and tranquil.

Nora MacPhail said...

Helen, you always take on very challenging and daring ideas in your paintings! I would have been intimidated by that big branch coming forward but you handled it beautifully! Magnificent!

Angela said...

The shadow seems to dance across the canvas. Love it.

Robin Rosenthal said...

Love the way you paint glass, it's highlights and shadows.