Sunday, 22 March 2015



#272 - Oil - 8" x 6"

I have just returned from a Colley Whisson Workshop. It was very enjoyable indeed, and made even more so because I met up with fellow blogger Karen Johnston from New Zealand and her lovely friend Andrea. We didn't realize that we were attending the same workshop until just a couple of months ago. And to make things even more amazing, we were staying at the same accommodation!

This is another subject with the same interesting viewpoint. It also has those lovely, crisp whites in sunlight which I love.



Bruce Sherman said...

Hello there Helen!... You continue to consistently "freeze action" in life with ease... and to interpret "the still" that you create with a loose... painterly and masterful brushwork that further captivates the eye of the viewer!

I particularly enjoyed your "capture" of that lawn bowling group. That picture plays out similarly... in every lawn bowling green that I have ever seen!


Good Painting... and Work shopping!
Warmest regards,

Karen Johnston Daily Paintings said...

There is that lovely light and looseness again Helen..I love it! I will have to do those tonal studies!!

Azra said...

Your work continues to delight and fascinate me!!

Wendy Barrett said...

What a lovely surprise to meet up with Karen and her friend!!
Love your paintings!!