Thursday, 20 June 2013


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Not only did I wipe-off more than once this week, the app I use for blogging wasn't functioning. :-/ The persimmons above were my only survivors.
All I can say is.........bring on next week!


Karen Johnston Daily Paintings said...

These survivors look fabulous!! I had a bad time like that last week Helen, I was questioning why I put myself through this! I guess it's all part of painting.

Anonymous said...

I love this painting, Helen!
The background color in combination with the orange persimmons is great and painted on so small format, amazing! Good luck with painting next week!

Azra said...

Even though you've had a bad week, which we all do, this a great result!! Great colour combination and lively brushwork, no sign of a struggle at all. : )

Linda Popple said...

Better luck coming your way!! Great little painting and I like the title.

Wendy Barrett said...

I think this painting has a lot of character Helen. I love the way you've done the dry crackly bit on the top. I have a persimmon waiting for me in my fruit bowl - yum!

Angela Sullivan said...

I think your fruits are my favorites.