Friday, 13 December 2013




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When I'm not sure what to paint........... I go for the apples!



Linda Popple said...

Apples are fun to paint. Great job with these beautiful green ones!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Helen!... I have been more than a bit "under the gun" busy here... but decided this morning to come over and visit. I always have enjoyed doing so in the past for several reasons.

Firstly... you are a dedicated explorer... not content to be merely a plodder... following in the tracks of others.

Your work has a vitality in design and concepts. Your colour is rich and warm to the eye and heart. Your brushwork is magically expressive and confident.

"I'm not sure what to paint..."??? That's where all of us should begin the act of painting. The "Hand" will always follow the "Heart"... simply because... it knows where it is going.... ALWAYS!

Enjoyed my tour of your gallery of recent posts! I'll be back!

Good Painting!... and Merry Christmas!
Warmest regards,

Hilje van Beijnum said...

These apples are wonderful, Helen! The light and shadows are beautifully painted. Really love them!

Azra said...

The greens are just gorgeous in these apples!! Apples are definitely ideal subjects. : )