Saturday, 28 March 2015



#274 - 8" x 8" - Oil

Roses are one of my favourite flowers. They come in such beautiful colours that I always find it difficult to decide which ones to buy. I'm sure the florist must wonder why I hover over the flowers for such a long time.


Wendy Barrett said...

All your hovering paid off Helen! Painted by your fair hand these roses are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Karen Johnston Daily Paintings said...

They are beautiful Helen! If the florist saw this she would know why:) I'm trying to get to grips with tones!!

Azra said...

Gorgeous, lively and very fresh looking!! I know how you feel, it is hard to choose. : )

Bruce Sherman said...

Good morning Helen!... I much enjoy visiting to discover further fine examples of your rich expressive and painterly brushwork! Pink Roses follows that vein to the "T"!

You find great joy and pleasure in your painting... and that is conveyed clearly to your viewer... in itself an art form!

Continued Good Painting... and further joy!

Warmest regards,

Sue Marrazzo said...