Monday, 21 March 2016

Laos Market, Phon Phisai, THAILAND



#296 - 17.7" x 13.7" ( 45cm x 35cm ) - Oil

Even though this market is called the Laos Market it is held in Phon Phisai, Thailand. Every Tuesday and Saturday people from Laos cross the Mekong River in long boats to sell their goods in Thailand. It takes just a matter of minutes to cross the river. Only the Laos people can make the crossing and they have to do go through a very informal immigration/customs area when they arrive. The market is very colourful and full of life. People sell everything from clothes, to cooked food, fresh foods, electrical goods, silk, pets and so much more. Local Thai people sell goods in the market as well however the majority of vendors are from Laos.

In this painting I tried to capture a typical Laotian who was selling fresh fish. She was using a plastic bag tied to the end of a stick to keep the flys away. In fact everyone selling fresh foods had the same type of fly deterrent. I wouldn't say that this is a pretty painting, but I just couldn't resist trying to paint the chaos and colours of the market.

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Karen Johnston Daily Paintings said...

You have certainly captured the chaos,such a feeling of busyness... this is 'wonderful' painting Helen!! I love it!