Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Local transport, Mekong River, Phon Phisai, THAILAND


#295 - 15.7" X 15.7" ( 40cm X 40cm )

It has been quite a while since I've posted. Time does get away from you but I assure you that I have been painting. I really enjoyed my three weeks as 'Artist in Residence' in Phon Phisai, Thailand. I painted en plein air in oils ( watersoluble oils ) and watercolours along with sketching in ink using various fountains pens. And of course I also took lots and lots of photos. Over the coming weeks I will post works from my trip along with other paintings that I've completed since my return.

This painting, that I competed recently at home, is a lot larger that my usual work. You may notice that I have used a palette knife quite a bit throughout the painting. I found it really helpful in rendering the banana trees and other foliage in the background. The palette knife kept me from painting too much detail, and besides that, it was fun.



SMV said...

Welcome back, Helen. This is a delightful painting. I'm so pleased you're posting again. Up to last week, I looked and found nothing from you so am really happy to see your lovely artwork again. Looking forward to more paintings from your Thai residence.

Teri said...

Hi Helen! Your painting is great - the shadow of the bike and woman is wonderful! Her foot off the ground in a step captures the movement and the palette knife work is perfect. Wow what a cool artist residency in Thailand! Which water sol oils do you like?

Karen Johnston Daily Paintings said...

Wonderful painting Helen, beautiful color harmony I love it!!

Helene Adamson said...

I follow your blog and it is grand to see you posting again. How wonderful you've got loads of new source material to draw from. This scene is full of vitality and warm sunlight -- two things you're so skilled at capturing! I also had a close look at how you used your palette knife on the foliage, and it worked a treat. Looking forward to more.