Friday, 10 June 2016

BUS 472 - #1



#307 - 6" X 8" - Oil

I want to work a lot more on my plein air painting so I've set myself a task. I see this view everyday and under all different weather conditions. It's one of the views from my front porch. Not that it's obvious here, but our house is situated on a bend and so the local bus seems to head straight towards us before turning. I wanted the challenge of painting the bus as it passes. So, while waiting for each bus, I paint the landscape and then quickly paint the bus as it momentarily appears and disappears. Sometimes it stops to pick up passengers, sometimes not. I've always liked the idea of painting the same landscape under different weather conditions, and in doing so, finishing up with a small series of paintings. Let's see how it goes!

This was a very grey day. To achieve this effect I made sure there was little contrast in the tonal values and kept all the colours muted.


Carol Flatt said...

An interesting and challenging project, Helen! Sounds exciting to me! You and Monet doing a series on catching different light on the same subjects. Have fun, and thank you for explaining the things you do to insure the look of light that you want. Much appreciated!

Helene Adamson said...

What a challenge you set for yourself, Helen! Looks as if it worked out a treat, however. Well done, you!

Karen Johnston Daily Paintings said...

That's a brilliant idea for a challenge Helen! I really want to work on my plein air ( as you know) I need to get into action! It will be interesting under different weather conditions, regarding values. I love this idea and the painting..the muted tones are lovely☺