Wednesday, 29 June 2016

BUS 472 - #3



#309 - 6" X 8" - Oil

Finally it was a sunny winter's morning. With clear skys and sunlight this meant that I had lots of contrast in my tonal values and the colours were more saturated. ( compare studies #1and #2 ) What I really liked was the dark blue colour of the road as a result of heavy rain overnight. By the time I finished the painting the sun had dried it out to its usual grey colour. These studies cleary show how the same subject can look so different under diverse weather conditions.


Karen Johnston Daily Paintings said...

Such a difference in this one Helen! I love the contrast and the dark blue looks fantastic with the greens and yellows!! Great studies:)

Helene Adamson said...

These studies are so revealing, and instructive! I think my favorite part is that lovely warm "white" on the house -- you're so good with whites -- but it's all just super.